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When cutting-edge vision AI tactics are implemented on farms and ranches, computer vision and agriculture have already produced outstanding outcomes. In order to accelerate their digital transformation and enhance their generational experience to make AI-powered ranching and farming efficiency a reality, forward-thinking agribusinesses rely on Plainsight’s specialists and market-leading technology.

What Part Does AI Play in Ranching?

Smooth Ag’s Ranch Rover is the first technology of its kind, an autonomous feed rover that travels across ranches to make timely deliveries in precise locations. As the demonstration above showcases, the Rover has no trouble making itself at home and joining the herd. 

Equipped with vision AI solutions from Plainsight, the Rover grows even more impressive as it navigates new and familiar terrain. It detects, counts, and monitors ranch activity in real time, providing a useful repository of visual data to end users. All this pastureland data helps ranchers set automated alerts, predict and track trends, and produce a bottom line impact. 

The work done by AI-powered ranch vehicles comes down to more than automating key processes. When they’re armed with cutting-edge solutions like custom-built computer vision models, ranchers, farmers, and other agriculture industry players are able to act with greater agility with the insights necessary to independently innovate, build competitive advantages, and make more informed decisions.

More Computer Vision Solutions for Ranchers, Farmers, and Agribusinesses

Self-driving ranch vehicles are just one of the ways computer vision is sowing the seeds of innovation for enterprises in the agriculture space. Businesses are realizing the impressive potential of computer vision to address their challenges with models like these: 

  • Livestock Counting and Health Monitoring: Solutions for real-time counting, detection, and monitoring help eliminate error-prone manual processes while detecting even minute signs of health trouble.
  • Harvesting and Processing Quality Assurance: Vision-based best practices detect hazards, monitor processes, and automate corrective responses to ensure a timely and high-quality harvest. 
  • Fruit and Vegetable Ripeness Detection: Automated monitoring and assessment based on factors like size, shape, and color helps ensure optimized products and customer satisfaction. 
  • Product and Packaging Grading: Continuous QA/QC maintains product and packaging standards enabling businesses to deliver a higher level of quality and meet the needs of increasingly discerning customers.
  • Crop Management and Risk Recognition: Insights derived from computer vision help farmers and enterprises guarantee high-yield production by recognizing problems quicker and adopting a more resilient posture


What people are saying?

We were amazed at the speed at which Plainsight’s vision AI achieved a very accurate solution in all conditions, saving us significant resources, time, and money. We’re now rolling out their AI solutions across multiple locations.

Derek Vote, Meat Scientist at JBS

Expecting the procedures and efforts to require many months of dedication to the project, we were amazed that in just 8 weeks we had an in-place vision AI solution that was tailored to our operation – and the accuracy was there.

Dr. Kyle Coble, Director of Nutrition Services at JBS

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