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An extensive research on older folks’ use of technology was undertaken by AARP. In an online survey, 80% of participants claimed that technology had significantly impacted their lives and that they often use it to communicate with family and friends.

“As more Baby Boomers age into senior and post-acute care services, they’re bringing with them smart devices such as phones, tablets and smart TVs,” according to Health Tech Magazine. “The new generation of older adults is more comfortable with technology than ever before.”

Fulfilling the Demand

Companies are looking at services to boost connectivity, independence, entertainment, and other factors as the need for senior-focused technology grows.

The Consumer Technology Association has just finished hosting CES 2023, which it refers to as the “most influential tech event in the world.” The seminar highlights technological advancements and trends.

Some of the concepts that have been put out include more lifelike robots, folding telephones, and opulent new vehicles. Others focused on typical problems individuals experience or on enhancing your health.

One Stop Shop

One of the newest devices on displayed at CES 2023 aims to improve the functionality, simplicity, and dependability of your smart home.

The all-encompassing smart home system Matter brings everything together. In essence, you take all of your smart gadgets from any manufacturer and have them connect to a single hub to function together. This implies that a single platform might link your Alexa, security system, heating system, and entertainment.

While older people desire to utilise technology more, according to an AARP poll, they frequently find it challenging to master or manage. 68 percent of people don’t think technology is made for them to utilise it. Because it merges several devices and programmes into one, a product like Matter may be ideal for seniors.

Maintaining Health

This year’s CES 2023 saw the introduction of two products that use your toilet to check your health.

The U-Scan sensor analyses your urine and is attached to your toilet bowl. It monitors dietary intake, metabolic data, hormone levels, and more.

The Heart Seat, on the other hand, is a smart toilet seat that keeps an eye on blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

Innovative Technology

At CES 2023, further technology is being offered with an emphasis on enhancing life quality or resolving health issues:

  • Smart clothing to relieve chronic pain is a healable.
  • A smart wheelchair cushion called Orbitor can help prevent pressure sores.
  • Jabra Enhance Plus: cutting-edge, wireless hearing aids.
  • Touchpoints: a non-intrusive method for focusing and lowering stress.
  • To assist those with hearing loss, Xander Glasses provide real-time captioning of conversations that take place in person.
  • Whissp: AI-based speech recognition system.

These innovative goods, many of which haven’t yet reached the market, are revolutionising how older persons’ quality of life is improved.

More About the Innovations


Healables is developing advanced wearable microcurrent devices to potentially transform treatment protocols for chronic inflammation, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, sports performance, cosmetics, and more.


The Kalogon Orbiter Smart Cushion relieves pain, improves posture and increases blood flow to ensure you can live your best active, seated life.

The Kalogon Smart Cushion monitors pressure changes within air cells and adapts to user-defined preferences in real-time to maximize comfort and stability. 

Jabra Enhance Plus

Jabra Evolve2 Buds, the newest product in Jabra’s Evolve series, are earbuds designed for flexible, hybrid and remote working. Jabra Enhance Plus, offered in the new over-the-counter hearing aid category, enables hearing enhancement, music and calls in a miniaturized true wireless form factor.


TouchPoints digital health wearables are scientifically proven through clinical trials to reduce stress by 70% in 30 seconds with its embedded patented BLAST (Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulus Tactile) technology.  TouchPoints are non-invasive and create calm and focus through a neuroscience-powered algorithm of gentle alternating micro-vibrations. This rhythm reduces the natural fight and flight response caused by stress and helps to return the body to a state of focus and control.

Xander Glasses

Xander Glasses are designed to be used like a simple “on” and “off” device. They work anywhere people need them, whether they are at home, at work, or in a loud public setting. As XanderGlasses don’t rely on smartphone or cloud connectivity, they are remarkably reliable and perfectly private. In this augmented reality experience, captions are displayed seamlessly right in the field of view of the wearer.


Whispp’s speech technology on smartphones and computers converts whispered speech and vocal cord-impaired speech into a person’s natural voice in real-time, with the intonation and emotion the speaker intends. The Whispp mobile app enables users to make themselves heard with their smartphone, everywhere and in every conversation, even with background noise. Users maintain their freedom of movement because their conversational partner(s) hear them via wireless earbuds or a wireless speaker.

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