Increasing innovation readiness of healthcare organizations is necessary to meet upcoming challenges, including population aging. Innovations for the environment cover forest protection and preservation.

Here are 4 inventions in healthcare and the environment to check out:


This is a medication cabinet with built-in artificial intelligence. Its basic function is to export the medication at a specific time and remind the user to take it. This greatly reduces the incidence of overdose and forgetfulness of medication by the user. When the medication cabinet runs out it will remind the user to refill. In addition, it can also record the amount and time of intake of the medication for subsequent diagnosis and tracking. It can also import data such as the user’s blood pressure and heart rate via the specific devices. These data and the information from the medication cabinet can be viewed and set up via the mobile phone.


Circular e-waste handling solution from Asia pacific university of technology and innovation

E-WALL is an automated e-waste recycling station with five subsystems. The mechanical subsystem uses MDF boards and metallic gussets, while the electrical subsystem is powered by a switch-mode power supply. The computer subsystem relies on a Raspberry Pi board with over-the-air updates and a PHP web application. The vision system trains a model to identify e-waste types. The sorting subsystem uses servo motors, rotating brackets, and an Arduino controller to separate the waste into compartments. The data collection and management subsystem tracks waste volume and rewards users with points. When waste reaches a pre-set threshold, operators are alerted to recycle it.

Tree protection system (lightning arrester)

Usually, lightning arresters are only installed in tall buildings to avoid lightning strikes. In this study, it was mounted on a trees. The selection process involved expertise from various field in FRIM such as forestry, arboriculture, ecotourism, biodiversity and engineering. The tree protection system installed in this study followed MS IEC 62305-3: Standards for Lightning Protection, Grounding Earth Soil consists of 50mm2 copper cable as insulation. An experienced arborist was involved during the installation process to ensure that all installations follow the technical specifications set by FRIM as well as adhere to best arboriculture practices.

Terungold: the innovation of natural approach for weight control and healthy weight loss 

Keeping a healthy weight can be tedious and challenging for many of us. We could all use a little positive reinforcement along our journey. In line with the current situation of a rapidly growing obese population in Malaysia, MARDI has created an innovative solution based on Terung Asam that helps people efficiently reduce and control their body weight. TERUNGOLD is a product made from the Solanum ferox fruits, also known as Terung Asam Sarawak, a special cultivar of traditional and exotic vegetables grown in Malaysia. Scientific research has shown that the product’s primary constituent, hydroxycinnamic acid, is effective in combating obesity. 

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