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In the face of the climate catastrophe, feeding a fast growing global population demands the speed and precision that technology offers. Recent advancements in agriculture have demonstrated how technology may be used to create more sustainable agricultural systems and increase global food security.

Innovations have made a significant contribution to the growth of agriculture, from the development of mayonnaise through the development of Eco-green trucks. Here are a few more of the most recent agricultural innovations from ITEX that are expected to have an impact on farming.

Here is one by team leader, Dr. Zainal Baharum and her team. Their creation was the Greencoa – naturl health drink. Dr Zainul Baharum and her team are also placed on the ITEX Silver Award.

Greencoa – natural health drink

GREENCOA is a dried leaf-infused beverage derived from the leaves of Theobroma cacao, or cocoa plant originating from Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. In the present study, the chemical profiles of cocoa leaves were obtained via liquid chromatography quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry (LC-QTOF-MS/MS) in comparison with commercial green tea and several cocoa leaves from different places. Based on the data processing, it was revealed the cocoa leaves comprised of catechins compounds that were detected in commercial green tea. In addition to the alkaloid and tannins, groups of compounds were detected, which could be an added value for the development of cocoa leaves as a potential health beverage. 

Here is another one by team Leader, Lea Johnsiul and her team. Her creation was the Kokocorrect. Lea Johnsiul and her team are also placed on the ITEX Silver Award.


KokoCorrect is a molecular tool, based on cocoa SNP markers, that provides the Malaysian cocoa industry with an effective way to carry out identification and verification of cocoa clones at the seedlings, nursery, budwood garden or cocoa field. KokoCorrect uses only ten SNP markers as the cocoa core SNP Panel for identification and verification of true-to-type Malaysian commercial cocoa clones. Samples are sent to the Malaysian Cocoa Board laboratory where the whole KokoCorrect analysis is done. KokoCorrect is offered as a service to identify, verify and authenticate the Malaysia Cocoa Clones.

Hannim Haffeza Bt Haris is the team leader of the creation of Riccomayo-the real healthy taste of mayonnaise. Hannim Haffeza Bt Haris and her team are also placed on the ITEX Gold Awards.

Riccomayo-the real healthy taste of mayonnaise

Riccomayo is a premium product made from a combination of cocoa butter and sunflower oil, which are well known for their unique characteristics and demonstrated several health benefit for our body. This product contains high antioxidants and Omega 3 & 6. It is enriched with premium ingredients, such as apple cider, Dijon mustard and premium egg yolk powder. This product meets the specification by the Malaysian Food act (Food Regulation 1983) and the International Food Act (Codex standard). Based on a previous study it is shown that the Mayonnaise made from cocoa butter can improve heart health and lower the risk of heart disease.

Loh Jiun Yan is the team leader of the creation of Greensource, innovative aquaculture feed with insect-based formula. Loh Jiun Yan and her team are also placed on the ITEX Gold Awards.

Greensource, innovative aquaculture feed with insect-based formula

Greensource, is an innovative aquaculture feed that uses cost-effective black soldier fly larvae as the main protein source, replacing traditional fishmeal. The feed is made from a blend of about 20 ingredients, ground and mixed into feeding pellets using a squeezing feed pellet machine. Greensource enhances food security and promotes equitable access to nutritious food with three innovative features (Fishmeal replacement innovation, formulation innovation, functional innovative product) and three benefits (High quality and production, low cost and consumption, sustainable development).

Ts. Dr. Masniza Sairi is the team leader of the creation of Eco-green evaporative-cooled truck for vegetable postharvest quality preservation. Ts. Dr. Masniza Sairi and her team are also placed on the ITEX Silver Awards.

Eco-green evaporative-cooled truck for vegetable postharvest quality preservation

This innovation represents an IoT-integrated evaporative-cooled truck for green and efficient vegetable transportation system, a potential solution to canvas and cold trucks. It comprises an evaporative cooler, storage unit, power supply, control panel, and real-time data monitoring system. This innovation exhibits good cooling performance (of temperature and relative humidity inside storage unit), and the least vegetable weight loss. It preserves vegetables postharvest quality (physical and chemical) during transportation, and up to two weeks of storage at 5 ◦C.

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