Meraque Services Sdn Bhd invention titled “Modernizing Precision Agriculture Solution with Malaysia’s First and Only Hybrid Autonomous Ground Vehicle” secured the esteemed Gold Award in the Agriculture category at the International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2023. The prestigious event was held on May 11 and 12, 2023 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, showcased cutting-edge inventions from around the globe.

Competing with participants from eight countries, Meraque Services Sdn Bhd’s invention emerged as the best in Asia, claiming the Gold Award. The invention’s innovative approach to modernizing precision agriculture through the integration of a hybrid autonomous ground vehicle has immense potential for revolutionizing the industry. By combining their drone services expertise with the hybrid autonomous ground vehicle development, Meraque Services Sdn Bhd is spearheading advancements in farming practices in Malaysia and beyond.

At the exhibition, Meraque Services Sdn Bhd captivated attendees with showcases of Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These displays demonstrated the unparalleled capabilities of these advanced technologies in the agricultural sector. Through AGV and UAV showcases, Meraque Services Sdn Bhd showcased how these autonomous systems can optimize precision farming, empowering farmers to enhance operational efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce environmental impact.

Mr. John Tan, CEO of Meraque Services Sdn Bhd, expressed his delight and gratitude for the company’s achievement. “We are honored to receive the Gold Award at ITEX 2023. This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation in precision agriculture and our dedication to revolutionizing farming practices.

By leveraging our expertise in drone services and combining it with the hybrid autonomous ground vehicle, we are propelling the agricultural sector towards sustainability, efficiency, and productivity. We are excited about the impact we can make in Malaysia and beyond.”

Meraque Services Sdn Bhd’s success at ITEX 2023 underscores their position as an agricultural technology and drone services leader. By embracing automation and developing groundbreaking solutions, Meraque Services Sdn Bhd is at the forefront of digital transformation in the industry. Their focus on enhancing precision agriculture and contributing to a more sustainable future demonstrates their commitment to empowering farmers and advancing the agricultural sector.

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About Meraque Services Sdn Bhd

Meraque Services Sdn Bhd is a drone service provider, specializing in innovative solutions for the agricultural sector. With their expertise in drone technology, they offer advanced services to optimize farming practices, improve efficiency, and promote sustainability. Meraque Services Sdn Bhd is dedicated to driving the digital transformation of agriculture and supporting farmers in Malaysia and beyond

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