Credit: Studio Naam

Have you felt certain pain that you’re unable to describe to your doctor or do you find it difficult understanding what a doctor is trying to explain to you? You’re not alone. MediPhone wants to make communication in healthcare more understandable using creative illustrations.

Eye for Diversity and Inclusivity

Not everyone processes information the same way. That is precisely why Medifloor is looking for ways to complement the common verbal and textual explanation. They realize that the using metaphors can also raise questions. They further make the mediphores as accessible as possible, for children and adults from various backgrounds.

Collaboration Between Doctors and Creatives

After a phase of research and development, Medifoor is now a full collaboration of doctors, artists and communication designers. Juniors and seniors from different disciplines, but with one goal: the healthcare and creative sector are working together to improve communication in the doctor’s rooms.

The Medifoor project group, a customer with whom Naam have been working together for a number of years, received some good news at the beginning of 2022: their application for the Cultuur Innovatiefonds Provincie Utrecht (CIPU) grant was approved. This then allowed them to finally start working on converting the previously built prototype to the long-awaited platform. In April, they started building the new website together with a creative group of artists and doctors.

Mediforen are visual, clinical metaphors that specify how the frame works and display what occurs withinside the frame while it’s stricken by a disease, including pneumonia or thrombosis. They are designed to enhance contact between doctors and patients and increase the success rate of a patient’s treatment.

Naam developed the initial Medifoor prototype a few years ago, and now their moment has finally come: following a lengthy wireframe and design process, they have begun developing the entire website. Soon, a wide variety of medical metaphors will be available online for use by physicians, patients, and other interested parties. To make it simpler for users to access the information they need, the mediforen on the website are split into several categories. A few of their categories are breathing and airways, immune system, infection and allergy, blood, heart and vessels and cancer. The website will cater to the various target audiences with easy navigation, an intuitive search tool, and vibrant drawings created by the Medifoor project group’s illustrators.

At the end of this year, make sure to keep an eye on their website and social media to find out the outcome. You may also view their other work here while you wait.

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