A free software update recently for Cowboy‘s 4 and 4ST e-bikes includes a new adaptive power capability designed to automatically overcome any resistance as it arises, be it a hill, a gust of wind, or a child in a baby seat. In addition, Cowboy is offering its 4ST step-through variant in three new colour options.

Cowboy claims that a feature of its proprietary software can operate at both low and high speeds without the need for gear changes, which is fortunate given that the business exclusively sells single-speed, belt-driven e-bikes. With the new upgrade, Cowboy claims the motor will now deliver the additional power “seamlessly” each time a C4 or C4ST detects any increased environmental resistance.

Cowboy’s high-end 4-series e-bikes, which start at $2,990 / €2,990, are covered in sensors, including a torque sensor that enables the 250W rear-hub motor to react instinctively to each downstroke of the pedal. Cowboy claims that the bikes can now sense any barrier that would cause rider to slow down, including the San Francisco hills.

Cowboy’s e-bike has a 45Nm torque rating, compared to VanMoof’s 68Nm. VanMoof is Cowboy’s chief European rival. However, VanMoof also has a boost button, making the whole experience less seamless. Cowboy allows rider to schedule a test ride in 11 nations, including the US, UK, and significant cycling hubs in Europe.

If the current sand (off-white) and black hues are not to the rider’s taste, Cowboy is now revealing that the 4ST step-thru model is now available in lavender, fig (peachy-pink), and clay (reddy-pink).

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