Why would I want to pee on my health tracker, you may be wondering. Well, there are a lot of health-related hints in your pee. Hence, it makes sense to monitor your health at the comfort of your own bathroom. 

 This is where U-SCAN enters the picture. Invented by the Finnish brand Withings, U-Scan is the first automatic urine analyzer that you can use at home. It cleanly fits into your toilet and can reveal vital health data about your urine every day. A heat sensor detects the presence of urine, which triggers the activation of a pump that transports the urine to a test pod. To gather all the necessary health information, a chemical reaction inside the test pod is read. The Withings app will then provide your results. People will be able to take a more proactive approach to their health as a result. 

This product fills a critical gap in healthcare, especially for people that need frequent urine testing but don’t have the luxury of visiting a hospital every time for it. 

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