98% of schoolchildren in India must deal with breathing hazardous air every day, both indoors and outside on busy streets. Air pollution levels in poorly ventilated classrooms in underdeveloped areas might be three to four times higher than WHO guidelines. The nasal spray company Otrivin has created a potential fix.

Working with Wunderman Thompson, Otrivin chose the three schools in Bengaluru, India’s asthma capital, with the worse air quality. 22 energy-efficient air purifiers that cleaned 2 billion cubic feet of air in two months were installed in those schools. In order to create “Pollution Capture Pencils” that were kid-safe and distributed in the schools, the waste that was gathered during the process was combined with graphite.

Otrivin plans to donate an additional 100 air purifiers to other schools in need in Q1 2023 after its Bengaluru trial project in 2022. Otrivin intends to use the proceeds from the sale of Pollution Capture Pencils as funding in the long run to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem.

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