Apple is reportedly developing a method that will let users create apps for its long-rumoured mixed reality headgear using Siri. Yes, Siri, the notoriously unreliable voice assistant that frequently fails to understand simple commands or makes annoying mistakes, will reportedly be able to build full augmented reality (AR) apps that you can share with others on the App Store.

The Information was the first to report on the 2017 acquisition of company Fabric Software, which provided the technology underpinning this app-building platform.

The programming tool enable users to build an app with virtual animals roaming about an area and over or around real-life items without the need to design the animal from start, programme its motions, and calculate its movement in a 3D space with obstacles.

Apple intends to create a tool that is similar to Roblox and Minecraft, which both provide simple ways to create virtual worlds.

Apple is also developing a method to scan actual things with the headgear in order to assist users in creating 3D models for apps. 

The entrance hurdle for creating AR apps for the headgear could be dramatically lowered if the development tools perform as anticipated. The iPhone arguably began to take off when Apple formally launched the App Store, and compelling apps might make the potentially pricey headset a more enticing purchase.

Apple’s own augmented reality fitness apps might complement the company’s current fitness initiatives like the Apple Watch and the Fitness Plus service. Given the popularity of fitness-related apps on the Quest, including Within, it is not that all that surprising.

Meta is trying to buy Within, though it may walk away from the deal because of the FTC’s antitrust lawsuit.

The Information claims that Apple is more interested in augmented reality (AR) than virtual reality (VR) with the headgear since senior executives reportedly find VR isolating. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that CEO Tim Cook has frequently complimented augmented reality and that the business is purportedly developing augmented reality spectacles.

Despite this, the company’s initial headset is still supposed to offer cutting-edge VR capabilities and lets you enter and exit VR using a digital crown.

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