Photo: Alterpacks

Brewers are left with spent grains like malt and barley after making beer. About 20 kilogrammes of grain “waste” enters animal feed, composting systems, or landfills for every 100 litres of beer produced.

In Singapore, Alterpacks has been developing a substitute by upcycling the food-grade waste into single-use utensils and food-safe containers. Spent grain is a rich source of cellulose, just like wood pulp, which is the primary component of paper and cardboard, and it can be used to make strong, leak-proof containers. The take-out packaging from Alterpacks has been approved for direct contact with food by the Singapore Food Agency and the US FDA. It may be used in the microwave and freezer.

The Founding team of Alterpacks

The Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Singapore Management University is home to the incubation programme Business Innovation Generator, where Alterpacks was first introduced. Pre-seed funding of USD $1 million was recently secured by the business, which is presently conducting test projects in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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