The world’s first Bluetooth-enhanced debit card that offers audio cues to customers who are blind or visually challenged has just been released by Turkish neobank Papara.

Customers link the card—which resembles a typical bank card—to an application on their phone. They put their card in a point-of-sale terminal as they usually would to make a purchase. The user may confidently complete the transaction after the software reads out the amount to be paid.

Papara Voice Card was created in collaboration with Thales, Mastercard, and BlindLook, a supporter of accessible technology. One year after the bank announced its partnership with BlindLook to make its app and website fully accessible to those with visual impairments, the card is now available for use. Papara is the biggest neobank in Turkey, with 14 million subscribers.

Every industry leader has obligations to society, Papara’s CEO Emre Kenci highlighted as the company unveiled its Voice Card. That idea served as the foundation for the card.

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